February 14, 2020

3 Quick Tips for a Smooth Office Move

Moving into a new office space can be exciting, but it can also be an upheaval for your company and its employees. With the right mover to help you plan and prepare, your move can be stress-free! Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction:

1. Hire a qualified and experienced moving company

Planning an office relocation soon? First, hire an experienced moving company, like Armstrong, to help you plan your move. With your moving company’s help, you will be able to easily discuss your budget, schedule pre-move meetings for site walkthroughs, and establish the appropriate level of valuation to help reduce risk, downtime, and liability.

Perhaps, you’ll need IT to disconnect and reconnect, furniture, fixtures and equipment installation or cleaning services at your new location. No problem! With help from an experienced moving company, no to-do on your list will go unchecked. Movers, like Armstrong–Raleigh, have decades of experience navigating office moves of all sizes, and they can offer a range of services to fit all of your office relocation needs. Through its single-point-of-contact service delivery model, Armstrong offers top-to-bottom office relocation services that will help your team get back to business faster.

2. Communicate with your employees

Keeping your team well informed about the move schedule, developed with the help of your moving company, is very important. Make sure everyone understands the upcoming changes to their workspace and provides instructions for preparing their personal work areas for the move. Allotting them time to do this before the first day of the move will be very helpful.

Armstrong will help by supplying your employees with the appropriate materials, like plastic crates and move labels, to help them properly pack their personal and company-owned belongings.

When everyone is moved and settled in, set up an office-wide meeting where you can discuss security and safety protocol, address any other questions or concerns about the move, and give any new information about your equipment like phone systems, wifi, and printers. Armstrong can also help your team transition into the new space by discussing the layout of their new facility and how to locate their new work area by the hanging floor plan layouts that will be available in the new office building.

3. Schedule decommission services

So now you’re all moved out of your old space, but some were left behind. No worries! Armstrong’s post-move services include full decommission and liquidation services. Decommission services include broom-sweep cleaning, asset disposition, computer recycling, cable removal, and space restoration.

Armstrong can also facilitate the elimination of corporate assets by selling, donating or disposing of the items at a profit or no cost. Additionally, our liquidation services include asset auctions, brokerage, charitable contributions, donation for tax benefits, recycling and web-based retail sales.

If you’re a business owner it’s good to keep in mind you won’t be the only one affected by the stress of moving. Show your employees you see their hard work and value their peace of mind by hiring a team of professional full-service movers who will pack, clean, unpack, and even organize their new workspace quickly and with care. In addition, they’ll appreciate not losing valuable work hours. At Armstrong, your business is our first priority and we have the move-management experience to get you completely settled and back to work.

Talk to Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh if you’d like to find your full-service team. You can contact us online or over the phone 866.242.8598. We’re ready to help you from start to finish.

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