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May 26, 2020

How to Finish Strong On Delivery Day

Delivery day is almost here! You’re super excited and probably a little anxious, too. There’s no need to worry; remember, you hired the Armstrong team and they’re going to make sure your delivery day is as smooth as your moving day with them.

Here’s a breakdown of Armstrong’s process with short descriptions explaining what you can expect of Armstrong – Raleigh’s team, and the collaborative part you’ll play to ensure a strong finish on delivery day.

Confirm Your Start Time

Consistent communication is vital in making sure everyone is on the same page. You can expect a call from your Armstrong move coordinator 24-hours before your delivery day to confirm the start time for the team. Just like moving day, you’ll need to be present during delivery to check off the shipment and offer guidance and instructions to the team.

Protect Your Property

Upon arrival, your move team will need to take a quick tour of your residence to assess its environment. They’ll note the areas that require protection and padding, taking the necessary precautions to prevent damage. Armstrong – Raleigh’s team routinely protects doors, walls, floors, and any other surfaces, high-traffic areas, or tight spaces that seem vulnerable. You can expect them to protect your property before bringing any items inside.

Check-Off Your Inventory

A member of the team will provide the inventory form listing all of the items loaded and approved by you on the day you moved from your old residence. You’ll want to take your time receiving these items. As the team member calls off the inventory tag numbers, you’ll check them off. Inspect items as they are unloaded to make sure everything is just as it was on moving day. You’ll also receive and check off all of your high-value inventory as the team unloads it.

The Placement of Your Items

No doubt, you’ve imagined your new home filled with all of your possessions. On delivery day, Armstrong – Raleigh’s team will place all of your belongings, including furniture and large items, exactly where you’ve envisioned them. The team will also stage packed boxes neatly with tag numbers facing out for easy discovery. Your on-site, specific instruction will help direct and expedite the placement of all items throughout your home.

Unpack and Reassemble Your Belongings

If you’ve secured Armstrong’s partial or full unpacking services, you can expect this process to begin once the placement of your items in the correct area is completed. They’ll start by unpacking items needed immediately or items that will require assembly, such as lampshades or dresser mirrors. Armstrong’s team will also assemble all items the movers disassembled on moving day. Once done, you’ll inspect the items to make sure everything is correctly reconstructed before the team leaves. Including these services with the rest of your move services, allows you to get settled into your new space sooner and with less stress.

Clean up Your Site

Armstrong’s team of professionals is trained to perform site cleanups, or debris removal, when they finish a job. Once they’ve completed unloading, unpacking, placement, and assembly, they’ll remove debris and packing materials from your home, garage, yard, and from around the moving truck or van.

Perform a Final Walkthrough

You’ll take a final walkthrough with your Armstrong crew leader. The walkthrough is your opportunity to take it all in and make sure everything is as it should be. You’ll want to answer a few essential questions before you say goodbye to the team.

  • Is everything placed where it should be?
  • Are my immediate need items unpacked?
  • Is everything appropriately assembled?
  • Are my home and the area around it free from debris, equipment and packing materials?
  • Have I completed my paperwork and do I have copies?
  • Did I make my payment?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above questions, congratulations and welcome home!

Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh is a full-service moving and relocation company. Let us help you plan your move and finish strong on delivery day. Give us a call today at 866.242.8598 or request a quote online.

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