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September 24, 2020

5 Things to Consider When Downsizing Your Office

Are you ready to downsize your office?

Since the onset of the pandemic and the broad shift to remote work, many business leaders are now considering cutting down on square footage or keeping their teams remote long-term. You may still want to keep core team members in a physical office and rent comfortable conference meeting space, but if you want to downsize, you’re not alone!

Armstrong – Raleigh has years of experience helping corporate teams meet their relocation and space configuration needs all over the Raleigh area, and we have the industry insights to help you get ready for this transition. Here are our tips and tricks for a smooth office downsize.

1. Give yourself time to purge

One of the best parts of any move is a fresh start! Give your team a clean slate, free of clutter in your downsized space. Once you remove all the items that are rarely used, you’ll realize just how little you need to have a productive workspace.

Start with one easy concept – if it hasn’t been touched in more than six months, it’s time to go! You likely have plenty of items in your office that have gone unused, like surplus office supplies, extra electronics, or furniture that has no use. Gutting the old things before moving into your new, downsized space will make your move easier and allow space for what you really do need once you’re all moved in.

This is also a great time to sell or donate any of those unnecessary items. Need help donating or recycling your unwanted items? Team Armstrong can help!

2. Back up everything

Your work is important and keeping track of your documents and portfolio of work is a crucial part of relocating. Maybe some of your team will be working remotely or maybe they’re moving from a desktop to a more compact PC. No matter the situation, you’ll want all important files backed up before relocating any devices.

3. Storage

Is your office downsize temporary or permanent? Are you unsure of what items you’ll want in your new workspace? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you should consider Armstrong’s storage services. Not only will storing your extra office supplies and furniture make for a quicker move, you’ll have access as needed, should you decide to bring it into your new space down the road.

4. Moving team

Choosing your moving team is one of the most important choices you can make. For a complex move, like office downsizing, consider a full-service mover that can offer a commercial move coordinator, inspections, detailed timelines, and extra services like packing, IT disconnect/reconnect, decluttering, and more.

As a team of local, trusted relocation industry experts, we know just how important it is to bring safety, security and attention to detail to your office project. When you choose your downsizing team, make sure you do your research:

  • Check the company’s reviews and BBB rating
  • Ask plenty of questions up front about payment, services and exactly what to expect throughout the moving process
  • Choose a full-service team that can manage all of your needs and give everyone on your team peace of mind

5. Office sanitization

Sanitizing your new office space a step you do not want to overlook. Ensure your employees are in safe and healthy new space by making sure all areas at the new site are properly cleaned. Need help with this step? Simply hire a relocation team, like Armstrong, that can offer cleaning services on each end of your move. From elevator and escalator sanitization services to common area and FF&E sterilizing, we have you covered!

There are many benefits to downsizing your office. Whether you’re reducing your in-house workforce or looking for a more productive workspace, relocating your office is an exciting transition! By hiring your local Armstrong team, you’ll get moved into your new office space seamlessly. Let us help you get back to work faster — contact Armstrong – Raleigh today for a free quote.

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