When your business is relocating, you need a partner that can anticipate your needs. Armstrong is here to help.

Moving While Running a Business Can Feel Overwhelming.

Armstrong – Raleigh not only gets you to your new location, but will also fully decommission your previous space so you don’t have to worry about it.

Our Teams Can Even Collect Furniture and Assets Your Company Does Not Want to Take to Your New Location and Help You Recycle, Dispose or Liquidate It All.

Our team in Raleigh, North Carolina has more than a decade of experience and has perfected the moving process. When you partner with Armstrong- Raleigh you and your team can focus on other elements of your business.

Office demand fluctuates every year as companies react to employment trends by expanding, downsizing or closing their physical offices. Before business leaders can embrace their new physical or virtual spaces, they need to decommission their existing space first.

Commercial leases often stipulate offices must be left in “broom-swept condition” at the end of the lease term. If these lease requirements are unmet, the exiting company could face steep fines and unnecessary headaches. If you’re preparing for an office move, enlist the help of Armstrong’s decommissioning services to make your commercial relocation smooth and stress-free.

Armstrong Office Decommissioning Saves You Time

Trusting Armstrong to decommission your old office space allows you to focus on what you do best — growing your business. As the largest asset-based service provider in the nation, Armstrong has the experience and power to decommission your office quickly and efficiently. We can help you liquidate furniture, cubicles and office equipment that you may have left behind in your corporate relocation plan that doesn’t fit your new space or needs.

 Armstrong Office Liquidation Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Every year, offices generate an exorbitant amount of furniture waste. Instead of sending your unwanted furniture, equipment and appliances to landfills, Armstrong provides sustainable decommission methods to minimize disposal. We’ll exhaust every option to repurpose, refurbish and recycle your items as an alternative to the landfill.

 Armstrong Saves You Money

Our experts help you find buyers for your assets to keep your furniture out of the trash while putting money back in your pocket. Armstrong’s environmentally-friendly equipment liquidations, asset-resell services and tax-benefit donations lessen the impact on your budget and create value for you and your company.

 Armstrong Minimizes Disruptions

Our team helps you move and empty your office without disrupting the employee or customer experience. We work with you to create a customized decommissioning plan that will ensure your people stay happy and your company’s growth trajectory stays on track.

Get back to business faster. Contact Armstrong today for a free quote.


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