Healthcare Relocation Raleigh

Healthcare Relocation Raleigh

Healthcare Moving Professionals Serving Raleigh, NC

The local healthcare industry is growing faster than ever in Raleigh. Moving your private practice, laboratory, or hospital is a complicated process requiring logistical planning, timing, safety, knowledge, and resources. Whether it’s a move two floors up or across the country, consider the benefits of working with a commercial healthcare moving company to transport property, equipment, and digital assets.

Before You Pack

Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh provides healthcare moving services and customized planning. We are a single-source, transportation solution and are accountable to our customers and their patients throughout the various stages of medical equipment moving. Thanks to Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh’s award-winning consultants, moving to your facility is easier than ever.

Safety, Privacy, and Reliability

The complexities of moving labs and medical equipment requires on-site project management, and property protection options to safeguard equipment and sensitive data. Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh is the commercial expert offering:

  • Move management
  • Single point of contact
  • Transition planning and relocation
  • Initial outfitting and transition (IOT)
  • HIPPA-compliant files and records moving
  • Interstate transportation
  • Biomedical equipment disconnect/reconnect
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Asset management
  • Sensitive equipment handling
  • Furniture installation
  • Full decommission
  • Furniture reconfiguration
  • Fixtures Installation
  • Furniture cleaning and refurbishing
  • Interior signage
  • Debris removal
  • Liquidation

Your Moving Professional

Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh offers reusable containers, which reduces truck fuel and waste associated with using cardboard boxes. Due to the complexity of moving laboratories, partnering with a professional is essential. Healthcare professionals can expect a customized solution from Armstrong Relocation – Raleigh that fits your needs.

For a free healthcare moving quote and additional information, contact us today at 888.764.2928.

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  • "Our driver showed up on time and everyone did exceptional work. They were very friendly and moved fast! Everyone was professional and took great care of my belongings. Stand-up guys.”
    K.Q., April 2016
  • "Top-notch and professional! The entire team that worked on our move deserves special recognition.”
    B.P., April 2016
  • "The delivery and unloading crew we had were great. They covered all of the floors and had s great system of unloading which made them fast and efficient. They were also extremely respectful.  We have moved a few times in this past year and this was the best experience with a crew we have had. "
    J.D., April 2016
  • “I have moved many times, but I have never felt so comfortable with a team of people. Within an hour of their arrival I could tell that we were in good hands and it put me at ease. With moving, there is always that concern that something could go wrong, but with ours, everything went better than expected. Everyone was so thoughtful and considerate!”
    D.B., April 2016
  • “Outstanding! We are extremely satisfied in the way the crew took care of us and our goods. They were extremely professional and respectful.”
    H.B., April 2016